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Pulling inspiration from the infamous Tsukiji Market in Japan, we partnered with Tortoise Agency and owner of Art & Fish, Taka Hirano, to put together a series of events in downtown Los Angeles called Darren San Sushi.  Not only a restauranteur, Taka-san is also a renowned local sushi distributor who supplies the freshest fish to some of LA’s top sushi restaurants, such as Sugarfish, Nobu, and Asanebo — just to name a few.  

Over 1,000 guests came to celebrate and enjoy freshly-cut handmade sushi, a selection of Japanese craft beer and Sapporo, sake tasting provided by SOTO Sake, and authentic Japanese curry from Otafuku.  In its most recent installment, artist Oliver Payne was tasked to curate a back-alley experience of Japanese pop, bringing in an eclectic mix of local vendors from green tea tastings to Little Tokyo’s very own Popkiller and Hightide Store.